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Timothy Associates successfully won the design competition to create the Enslaved Africans Memorial Garden in London's Hyde Park. Their innovative landscape design captures the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade with its creative planting which reflects the continents of the triangular slave trade, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The triangular shape of the site having been incorporated into the narrative of the design.

Enslaved Africans Memorial Garden Existing Area Proposed Area Proposed Garden Layout Birdseye View South Birdseye View North Planting Plan Europe Planting Plan Africa East Planting Plan Africa West Planting Plan Americas Planting Plan Atlantic Planting Plan Lawn East Planting Plan Lawn West Statue Maquette Seven Steps to Abolition Paving Details Benches Photomontage Veiw 1 Photomontage Veiw 2 Photomontage Veiw 3 Photomontage Veiw 4 Photomontage Veiw 5 Photomontage Veiw 6 Photomontage Veiw 7

Project supported by UNESCO

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